Pain Management of Central Florida
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Pain Management Services 
Pain Management

Carol S. Rudolph, M.D.
Medical Director

Carol S. Rudolph, M.D.
Designated Physician

Hours of operation for Pain Management are: Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Pain Management of Central Florida Is dedicated to our patients care and well being.
We do not accept patients under the age of 25 in our pain management office. For New Patient appointments please call or email us to make a appointment. If you need a same day appointment(s) Please call our office for availabilty(do not email for same day appointments).
There is no guarantee for same day appointments, it all depends on availabilty and scheduling for the day.

Unfortunetly in our office we do not do steroid,trigger point or any other type of injections. Our doctor is pain qualified and registered to prescribe controlled substances for our patients. Our Pain Management physcian is regsitered with a DEA number to perscribe suboxone for qualied patients. Every Pain Management Patient has to see the doctor every 28 days. If a patient is unable to fill same day as the office visit there 
follow up/next appointment stays the same. Pain Management patients are requiered to take four urinalysis a year, urinalysis(drug screen test) are given randomly thru out the year. If a patient is on any anxiety medication( i.e.- valium,soma,xanax,klonopin,ect.)  they're required  to fill out an 
anxiety questionnaire at least two times per year.Established patients of PMCF that have not been seen in over three months in our office are considered a new patient they need to make an appointment and will be charged the new patient fee at time of office visit.
Patients who are transfering to another doctors office or Self Discharging from Pain Manangement of Central Florida , have two options for recieving copys of there medical records. First Option: Patient may come into the office and request it, ONLY patients may pick up there records in person. The first 25 copies are a $1.00 per page and every page after 25 is 0.50 cents per page. Second Option: Patients may go to there New Doctors office and sign a Medical release/necessity form and have it faxed to Pain Management of Central Florida with what the new office is requesting.Please allow up to 24hrs from the time of the release paper being faxed to our office to have patient records faxed back.Patients who are Discharged for doctor shopping or misuse of medication from Pain Management of Central Florida may do the same upon recieving medical records and discharge letters are sent every week out to the patients address that we have on file for them. We ONLY fax Discharge letters to other meidcal offices.

For any questions with scheduling,rescheduling and canceling for appointments please ask to speak with the office supervisor or office manager.

Any prescription that is lost,stolen or illegible will NOT be rewritten within a 28 day period.

Patients can only recieve pain medicine from one pain management doctor within 28 days, If a patient has to go to a Hospital or ER and be admitted they need to disclose with the hospital or ER doctor that they see a pain management doctor every month. Patient needs to contact 
Pain Management of Central Florida so that the staff may notate it in the patients chart.

For a patient wanting to transfer from their current doctors office to Pain Management of Central Florida , requirements include:

-Patient has to wait 30 days from the last prescription fill date to be able to be seen in our office.
-Discharge letter from previous doctors office.
-Previous Doctors office name and phone number (fax number also, but not required).
-Reason for transfer/discharge.
​-$250.00 for intial visit.   *(NOW 8/15/2012-9/15/2012 New Patients WILL ONLY PAY$200.00 First Visit!)*
-MRI or CT SCAN Report less than 2yrs.
-Pharmacy/RX Report from previous pharmacys used within the last 6 months.
-MUST have a VALID FLORIDA Drivers License or Identification Card.

Further questions concerning our pain managemnt services, please feel free to call or email us .